Monthly Statement – Apr/20

Dear Friends,

Brazil is fast striding towards an institutional crisis of unprecedented magnitude since the beginning of the New Republic. The break-neck speed of intrusions, affronts and disrespect on all sides indicates the imperative need for cooling down, serenity and judgment. Although at this moment it is impossible and irrelevant to undo the sequence of errors made by each branch of government, the responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief requires alleviating the situation and putting the country back on track at least in a ceasefire. A truce. This necessarily means taking the lead in admiting past mistakes and inviting the heads of other branches to cooperate to find the best path for the country.

These are not normal times, a perfect storm is forming and the biggest loser will be the humble Brazilian people. We need to summon the three branches to unequivocally demonstrate unity and strength – even if only during the pandemic period -, to define less painful alternatives for the nation. The suggestion of a call towards unity may seem naive and utopian, but there seems to be no other left for a “harmonious” way out. The adverse outcome will lead us, in any rational hypothesis, to terrible economic and social setbacks.

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