Monthly Statement – Mar/21

Dear Friends,

What is behind the sentence of former soviet dictator Joseph Stalin? How deeply does it relate to what we see today in how Brazil has fought the pandemic, notably by the federal government? The answer seems obvious, and transcends the bounds of reason. It should not matter where one lies across the ideological spectrum, for the harsh reality of the corpses exceeding 300-thousand mark should unite everyone against this situation. Realizing this truth, especially by the country’s leader in charge, would free us from darkness, nihilism and the mental rigidity of assuming the obvious.

Our pandemic statistics is more than a multiple tragedy, it amounts to a moral catastrophe and a shame that humiliates us in deep recesses of our souls. Its extension reaches the limits of human rationality, with the trivialization of our greatest asset – life – and the vulgarization that, in fact, only a dumb or psychotic leader could embrace. The reflexes of this second wave of Covid-19 in Brazil can be much deeper than the first, it can be the last nail in our coffin.


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