Paper: There’s still time to win by way of reason

Dear friends,

A “new” Minister of Health, alone, will not turn things around… however well-intentioned he may be! Brazil has gone too far into recklessness and, thus, has fail to pursue competent and effective actions to face the Coronavirus pandemic. A year’s past and we still endure a terrible crisis, which is no longer related to healthcare alone, but reaches all segments of society. However, the worst is surely yet to come. With the increase in cases and deaths by COVID-19, our models foresee the edge to chaos, with the likely collapse of public health and a sluggish economy. The consequences can take on unimaginable dimensions with the speeding up of contagion and ineffective social distancing measures directed by the states and municipalities (and not – we must underscore – led by the Union). The pandemic requires proper management at a new level (integrated into a single system, new strategies) and a shock doctrine!

It’s time for real action already. There is no longer any need to appeal to the guarantee of individual freedoms or doubts about statistical findings, irresponsible examples of denialism. The devastating impact of the wreckage that has become the management of the Coronavirus pandemic crises, especially at the federal level, imposes a structurally logical and orderly solution, conducted necessarily under centralized strategic command. Minimum standardization and control of the situation, with basic and pre-defined guidelines, must be imposed. It is no longer reasonable to tolerate excesses and discontinuities in urging the population to take and adopt due precautions and mandatory attitudes about procedures that have ample scientific evidence and uncontested results worldwide. The preparation of a strategic plan for the federation, with diligent monitoring of tactical and operational measures, has become a sine qua non. Only then, the Union, states and municipalities will be able to act with total synergy and optimization of procedures.

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