Monthly Statement – Dec/20

Dear Friends,

The year 2020 has come to an end, but our ills linger in all segments of society with enormous costs. In fact, apart from (and to a large extent also due to) the Covid-19 pandemic, the second year of President Bolsonaro’s term ends, tarnished by an explosive mix of administrative incompetence, widespread denial of our fundamental problems and a lack of planning ability that is likely to embarrass the most reckless of managers. Anyone who thinks it is only public health is wrong. The range of trouble is widespread and unrestricted, saving only a few “islands of excellence”, such as Infrastructure.

Thus, when ending the year 2020 without further definition and pragmatic realignment of his campaign promises, Bolsonaro does not inspire us optimism, unfortunately. Numerous promises were simply “abandoned”, such as support of Car Wash Operation, Privatizations and Reforms, and the repulsion towards approaches by political groups such as Centrão. There has been very little progress. So far, ideology has prevailed and with it the breeding paralysis of all our fundamental expectations. Result: an exodus of competent professionals (especially in Economics) who were irreparably disappointed.


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