Dear Friends,

The lack of leadership combined with disconnected plans and objectives is an explosive recipe, especially for those who, like Brazil, viscerally depend on urgently ordered solutions. The establishment of a new political coordination, healthy in its conception, does not seem to be in line with the principles of liberalism and, with some “autonomy” and endorsement by the President, they formulate crazy ideas and drag the debilitating economic credibility into a ditch.

The recent shift of the Commander-in-Chief in the direction of political conduct, coupled with the opportune moment to develop his social brand, keeps him further away from the pragmatism and demands of a liberal plan. The financing of the cash-transfer program Renda Cidadã proposed, in the presence of Paulo Guedes, widely pleases the masses, but miserably overlooks basic concepts be they legal or economic. A presumptuous rhetoric, which led to an absolutely unnecessary debate and instilled an unforeseen risk until then.


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