Monthly Statement – May/21

Dear Friends,

There are really no arguments against facts and, in this line, the lack of commitment and coordination in the overall and unrestricted response to the epidemic makes, especially for the federal administration, a fallacy from top to bottom. The current tenant of the Government’s Palace, with his repeated statements of denial, is not bound by decency, on the contrary, he embarks on a circular reasoning that confuses, obscures and hinders the work of his advisors. Bolsonaro’s Freedom Paradox confronts science, undermines any planning, and implements a blockbuster policy that does not stop COVID-19’s growing death toll. Still, he doesn´t change his mind.

This fundamentally subversive “doctrine”, coupled with the tantrum of the country’s main ruler, which promotes and foments agglomerations, with equally despicable responses from its opponents, now finds the possible confrontation of a third wave of the pandemic. The protests in the streets by the left- and rightwing nutcases crosses the line. The science is there, the more than 460,000 deaths don’t seem to trigger any disgust, and good syllogisms don’t seem to save us.


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