Monthly Statement – Apr/21

Dear Friends,

Nothing is healthier for democracy than the demonstration of the people. Demonstrations on the streets have been, in Brazil, an important thermometer of dissatisfaction and expression of claims and aspirations. More than that, politicians tend to “hear” the voice of the streets, albeit in a wide-encompassing and short-term way, but with greater intensity if the elections are close. The President has repeatedly expressed his discomfort with the direction and conduct of the Institutions and requested support from Brazilians. The month of April was one of organization and mobilization for this signal to be given on May 1st. An important portion responded to this “call-out”, which re-endorsed the mandate conferred with his election and “reauthorizes” him to follow his Constitutional commitments.

Within this group there are still other good Brazilians, sympathizers who are disappointed with the performance of the administration, but who want to see the Commander-in-Chief truly work in line with what he was elected for. In this sense, this group expects not to see the total derailment and the delivery of the 2022 election to the left on a tray, and for this reason, they endorse this movement as a “rebuke” on the President, that is, they demand that the elected official actually do something – within Constitutional limits. This is a newfound support that will be charged by those who joined, but also, in the event of frustration with corrective measures, it could serve as an arsenal against the government. Fear is a good feeling that makes us absolutely alert, and this movement must be interpreted by the administration this way – people are not silly.


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