Monthly Statement – Feb/21

Dear Friends,

Bolsonaro appears to be quite decisive in leaving his indelible mark in Brazil. At a time when the pandemic is worsening with an increasing number of cases and deaths, he acts beyond his negativism and omission, goes out in public to promote agglomerations, neglecting the use of masks, and demoralizing certain vaccines. Such irresponsible and belligerent behavior is not limited to the health crisis, no. Demoralization and humiliation also reached who was once his main Minister: Paulo Guedes.

In a spree of tantrums and tirades, with a typical blockbuster behavior, he dethroned the President of Petrobras in an episode as organized and delicate as an elephant in a room full of crystal glasses. It was not an isolated case, nor was it just another foolishness of the Commander-in-Chief. It was clearly a turning point when any remnant of what voters once imagined could be a government with a liberal economic agenda was shamelessly left behind.


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