Monthly Statement – Nov/20

Dear Friends,

The municipal elections are over and the question is: will our leaders, especially the Commander-in-Chief, return to the country’s fundamental agenda? Difficult to say; given that the left lost some space, Bolsonaro saw his “backed candidates” suffer a lot. On the other hand, Right and Center-Right, in theory a group more tuned in with the situation, seem to represent more than 50% of voters, which can bring good popularity to the President.

The elections, in any case, were more “civilized” from the point of view of polarization, and the result was possibly more representative of and sensitive to the real changes that the voter wants. If this is true, politicians will get the message and we can expect a series of shifts in the coalition scenarios and new understandings around the message that was set forth. This is a normalization that will do Brazil some good.


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