Dear Friends,

An administration’s rational direction must target its campaign commitments. Nothing more logical and honest, especially to those who voted believing in the promises contained in the Government Plan and in public statements of their proposals. Deviations and minor route adjustments are acceptable, as long as they do not compromise the essence of one’s purposes. The fundamentals that must prevail are trust, respect, responsibility and, above all, vested authority, at the cost of losing “legitimacy” as an elected leader.

Obviously, the development and effective implementation of the promises, as a rule, are not defined by deadlines and sequencing, but are premised on their completion by the end of the term. However, monitoring and collections must be carried out throughout the government, in order to assess their coherence, commitment and possible extension of the term (reelection) to bring those promises to fruition. Such harmony requires transparency and impartiality, so that populist and opportunistic contamination does not obscure the panorama and blind the real interested parties.


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