Paper: Bolsonaro, pandemics, reforms and the Dollar

Dear friends,

It always seems a good attitude to be willing and face our problems with pride and optimism – seeing the glass as half full is a state of mind, which puts us in a “winning” position from the start. The reality, however, sometimes brakes our momentum, acts as a shield an raises red flags, while we reevaluate risks. The triple crisis that we are enduring makes us act this way: fearless and in denial of the vicissitudes as eternal optimists, but also with the rawness and hardships that the moment imposes us, raising extreme prudence and attention to the facts.

The challenge facing Brazil is undoubtedly a test of our resilience and a test to the maturity of our nation’s democracy aspiring to be developed. A real watershed. On the political and institutional side, we need to control abuse of power, and find harmony in the apparent chaos. Not least, Brazilian society voted for a President to be disruptive in regard to the previous establishment. No one could foresee a Covid-19 crisis along the road, and for that, other traits and attitudes of our Commander-in-chief would be necessary.


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