Dear Friends,

The crisis that has recently erupted among the three branches of government, and which fundamentally affects the possibility of approving reforms (at least within the desirable period of time), has at its core the reaction of long-established political forces to the disruptive form of “politics” offered by the new government.

Without any predilection for the old quid pro quo, the Executive is fundamentally based on high technical qualification, living up to the winning project at the polls in 2018, namely, technical ability and ethics joined forces in the conduct of the executive power. Thus, the reactions against this “new-normal” bring us to a very simple question: is it worth sacrificing the future of the country for the maintenance, even in parts, of the status quo?

If so, we have only one conclusion: Screw Brazil!

In this line, the article “Screw Brazil!” intends to offer some reflections on the confrontation of paradigms that we are currently under, its implications and possible ideas to get around this dilemma.

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