Monthly Commentary – Dec/18

Dear Friends,


The time has come for tidying up the house, for a sharp overhaul in the Brazilian public administration!

After years of turmoil and uproar in all segments of our society that resulted in the greatest crisis ever experienced by Brazil – economic, moral and ethical – we are now facing a unique opportunity to reverse this evil domain that has taken over the country, especially in the last 14 years. Yes, Brazilian society has clearly stated “enough!” by electing Jair Bolsonaro to untie Brazil from the backwardness and ideological domination of the executive-legislative coalition model, which has perpetuated deep-seated problems that must be summarily tackled.

It is in this sense that Jair Bolsonaro as Chief of Executive Power, in a presidential regime like ours, is the faithful custodian of the hopes of the Brazilian people. The role of the President at this time is of fundamental importance given his ability to reformulate the national agenda. The support of the other branches of government, acting in harmony with Executive, will lead to optimal results, should the Executive break the inertia and propose new directions.

In this sense, even in the first acts of his administration, “disruptive” measures, paradigm breaks, and strong signs of change are expected. Only in this way will the new Commander-in-Chief make a remarkable administration, implementing fundamental measures to rebuild Brazil with courage and public spirit, with the effective collaboration of the other branches and support of public opinion. Apart from confronting the economic disaster that beset us with colossal unemployment, eroded public finances and deteriorated exterior image, it is still necessary to contain the uninhibited action of organized crime and to show an unswerving commitment to democratic values.

It is not an easy task. As the Americans say, “freedom is not free,” and the rigging of the state was something very strong and well structured. Our “freedom” will not easily be retrieved, and those who have led the country to this point – and taken great advantage of the situation – are always on the lookout. However, the window of opportunity to make happen hardly lasts long, and in the first 100 days the new administration must have shown what it is all about. Jair Bolsonaro seems to understand this well, since his cabinet formation reduced the number of departments and the indications were not politically-driven in exchange for each party’s future support in the Congress: a clear measure of disruption to the status quo, of independence. In fact, this is all we need and at any cost… so nothing more pertinent than the phrase of D. Pedro I that opens this Commentary for this moment: “Independence or Death!”.


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